About Us


At Løthur we believe in effective simplicity. We’ve done the research, we’ve looked at the science and we’ve chosen the ingredients that are the best at what they do. This means we can use minimal ingredients for maximum impact, with a high focus on quality. We don’t believe in gimmicks, we won’t follow trends or use what’s ‘fashionable’. We use what works, plain and simple.


Løthur is an independent, male-led, British brand with a personality. We’re witty, we’re gritty and unapologetically ourselves. Our products are for all men, regardless of class or creed. We believe every man deserves the time and space for small luxuries, and that’s what we aim to provide.


During a difficult time, our founder Jonny discovered traditional wet shaving, and with it a moment to be mindful. Løthur was born from the desire to share this moment and the impact it can have. We aim to support men’s mental health through the ritual of a traditional wet shave; a place to take the time to check in on yourself, relax and be present. Our goal is to grow the hobby in the hope that more men find their moment of calm.